Yoga At Tweddle for Residential Families

Yoga At Tweddle for Residential Families


Tweddle is excited to introduce a weekly yoga program for parents, care-givers and their babies and toddlers. As part of the Tweddle Residential program, families are invited to join us in a playful, strengthening and nurturing yoga session.

There are many benefits to practicing yoga with little ones. Yoga teaches adults and children to focus on both minds and bodies, can help with coordination and ability to focus, relax and help relieve stress.

The Yoga facilitator is a certified yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for almost 10 years. She is also a qualified kindergarten teacher and early parenting practitioner, with nearly 15 years’ experience in the early childhood sector.

Why is Yoga great for parents and their children?

Taking time out of your day to reconnect with yourself and nurturing your own mind-body connection, is a great way to nurture yourself. You are acknowledging your own self-worth and value.

When you are centered, relaxed and mindful, you create a welcoming environment for your children to view themselves and others in that same light.

It is a great learning opportunity for babies, toddlers and children to see their parents loving their body and nourishing their mind using yoga and mindfulness. Parenting is much more enjoyable for mums and dads, and beneficial for little ones, when everyone is present and relaxed.

Here is Tweddle’s Yoga flyer. We look forward to seeing you at the optional group.

Yoga at Tweddle for big ones and little ones
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