Tweddle is providing a combination of face to face and telehealth programs. Our Residential and Day Stay programs have returned. Tweddle also provide fee for service options. You can self-refer to Tweddle.
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Tweddle's in-home consultants are supporting families through telehealth.
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Tweddle's Parent Info Hub has dozens of links to resources including videos, help lines, expert tips and more. Download Tweddle's parenting app if you need additional support.
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Tweddle is delivering a mix of online and face to face professional development and training.
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Tweddle’s new online Childbirth Education classes
are delivered by experienced Educators. Mums and partners can now watch the classes in the comfort of their own homes at a time that suits them.
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Tweddle is currently providing a combination of telehealth and reduced residential services.  Tweddle’s Day Stay programs and In-Home service are being delivered through virtual visits. Tweddle parenting practitioners are using strict health protocols to care for families including:
  • Taking temperatures
  • Asking a series of questions prior to services being delivered regarding your current health status and travel
  • Social distancing will be maintained and will be the responsibility of all parties
  • Respiratory hygiene and hand hygiene will need to be adhered to
Tweddle would like to thank you for your flexibility and positive spirit in which you allowed us to help you in the virtual world.
Let your health professional or Tweddle know if you need help with sleep and settling, attachment, behaviour, routine, returning to work, understanding your baby’s cues, feeding, nutrition or childbirth education needs.
We continue to add resources to our Parent Info Hub and you can find our App on the Apple or Google stores.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.
Stay well and take care.

Once referred to as a ‘Sleep School’, Tweddle offers so much more. Tweddle programs and services include Residential and Day Stay, In Home, telephone and Skype consultations, MyTime for parents and carers of children with special needs, prison program, Childbirth Education, Parenting Assessment and Skills Development (PASDS), Parenting Workshops in the community and Professional Development. All of Tweddle’s programs change the trajectory of family’s lives, with far reaching consequences now and for generations.

Parents and Professionals reframe for 2021
December 17 2021

From the CEO

Dear friends,

More than ever, this year has been about adversity, resilience and reframing. As the State of Emergency was declared, expectant and new parents turned to Tweddle with unease and distress.

Telehealth, online parenting groups and childbirth education systems and processes were developed to reassure anxious parents, many of whom had spent months on a waiting list for a residential admission.

Mums and dads spoke of their mental health concerns and about isolation, employment, financial worries, relationship distress and their baby’s developmental milestones.

Our clinicians spoke to parents about serve and return, comfort and nurture, the foundations for secure attachment and brain development. Babies are adaptable and feed off the mental health of their parents and carers. It was vital that parents were supported to focus on their own mental health.

Scientific evidence tells us that baby and toddler exposure to adversity can lead to a variety of short and long-term negative health effects. It can disrupt early brain development and compromise functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

Understanding how the experiences children have from birth affect lifelong outcomes, combined with what adults need to thrive as parents, is crucial.

It enables services like Tweddle, the Early Years sector and policy-makers to drive and invest in therapeutic, recovery based, intensive services for families experiencing adversity.

In this newsletter we share updates from a year that has offered us an opportunity for expansion as we supported more families across Victoria using telehealth. We are proud of our staff and thankful to the thousands of families that turned to us for support, either in person, through telehealth or one of our digital channels.

We’re grateful to the Department of Health and Human Services, the Tweddle Board, our funders, donors, volunteers and community services partners. We look forward to a 2021 Reset, and the opportunity to celebrate Tweddle’s Centenary.  Have a safe, happy and restful Festive Season from all of us at Tweddle.

Stay well and take care,
Jacquie O’Brien
Tweddle CEO

Holiday Closures and Self Care This Festive Season
December 14 2021

Tweddle will be closing for business at midday on Wednesday the 23rd of December and reopening on Monday 18th of January. Tweddle’s MyTime groups align with school terms so will commence in the first week of February.

For many parents, this is your first year with a baby, a special time to build memories with family and friends. While many of us are preparing for holidays and family gatherings, it’s important to remember that challenges with parenting, mental health and family violence don’t go away over the festive period. In fact, stress and frustration can magnify existing problems.

Babies, toddlers and young children can feel your stress so it’s important to look after yourself and those around you. Children will appreciate the gift of your time more than any present they will receive.

Strategies to help reduce stress include having realistic expectations, getting as much rest as possible and understanding that stress might also be effecting those around you.

Our Programs

Day Stay Programs
Tweddle provides early parenting Day Stay programs in Footscray, Geelong, Bacchus Marsh in partnership with Djerriwarrh Health Service, Kings Park in partnership with Brimbank City Council, Terang in partnership with Terang & Mortlake Health Service and in Mill Park in partnership with the City of Whittlesea.
Tweddle's MyTime program is now welcoming families to fortnightly online catch ups. MyTime provides support for mothers, fathers, grandparents and anyone caring for a child with a disability, developmental delay or chronic medical condition. MyTime provides a place to socialise, discuss, to access information, and to support and be supported by other carers...
In Home Service
Tweddle offer gentle solutions to helping your baby or young child learn to sleep and settle. We provide expert in home and telephone support for baby and toddler sleep, settling, behaviour, feeding and parenting uncertainty...
Working Out Dads©
Tweddle Child & Family Health Service are now recruiting for our next Brimbank and Wyndham Working Out Dads groups, a ground-breaking parenting program for dads of children aged 0-4.
Residential Program
The Tweddle Residential Program operates from Monday to Friday each week for vulnerable families struggling with a range of parenting challenges. The early intervention and prevention program has a focus on strengthening attachment, building resilience and supporting you to understand your baby's cues....
Childbirth Education
Tweddle's new Childbirth Education classes now include a class filmed at Tweddle, delivered by experienced Educators with participating parents. Mums and partners can now watch the classes in the comfort of their own homes at a time that suits them. Participants are sent a password that allows access to Tweddle's Childbirth Education on Vimeo. The password allows access to a two week viewing period. Classes are then followed up by an optional group zoom meeting with the Educator, where parents can meet and ask the Educator any questions.
Parenting Assessment and Skills Development
Tweddle's Parenting Assessment and Skills Development Service (PASDS) is available to parents who have children between 0 and 3 years who are currently involved with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).
Professional Development
Tweddle provide training programs and parenting workshops delivered by qualified educators with extensive knowledge and experience specialising in infant mental health, attachment, early parenting support and family partnership education. Tweddle can tailor Professional Development packages for staff, held either at Tweddle in Footscray or at a location that's convenient to you.

Impact of Our Programs


Mums, Dads, Babies & Toddlers (Resi/Day Stay/InHome/PASDs/HoPES)


Day Stay Clients


In Home Clients


Childbirth Education families


Completed Assessment and Intake Services


MyTime Families


Working Out Dads


Locations : Pascoe Vale, Wyndham Vale, Maidstone, Point Cook,  Hobsons Bay (Newport)  Brimbank, Maribynong, Melton, Whittlesea, Geelong, Terang, Bacchus Marsh, 


MCHN referrals to Tweddle


Make A Difference Today

Social Change
Tweddle is a public hospital and preventative health organisation working upstream with a focus on social change. We foster resilience in families experiencing mental ill health, family violence, isolation, addiction and exhaustion.
The Tweddle Foundation
The Tweddle Foundation supports the critical work and facilities of Tweddle Child and Family Health Service. Help us build a future for vulnerable families so that babies and toddlers get a good start in life.
Get Involved
We welcome your partnership in helping us change lives. Whether it be workplace giving, corporate partnerships, bequests, volunteering or fundraising, your help will make a difference today and for the future.

Tweddle would like to acknowledge and pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians, past and present, of this land Wurundjeri on which Tweddle provide its services.

Tweddle has a commitment to honouring and celebrating diversity in all staff, volunteers, and families, including full participation in programs, policy formulation, and decision-making. We acknowledge the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals and pledge to creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences.
Tweddle acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government
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