Tweddle provides a combination of residential, day stay, in-home, tele-health, fee for service and community based Early Parenting programs. You can self-refer to Tweddle.
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Tweddle's caring In-Home and Telehealth teams can help you with sleep and settling, attachment, routines, returning to work, feeding, behaviour and more.
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Tweddle Sleep and Settling training
Tweddle's Parent Info Hub has dozens of links to resources including videos, help lines, expert tips and more. Download Tweddle's parenting app if you need additional support.
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Tweddle is delivering a mix of online and face to face professional development and training.
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Tweddle offers face-to-face group and online Childbirth Education classes delivered by experienced Educators. Mums and support people can attend classes at Tweddle or watch the classes in the comfort of their own homes.
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Sometimes you get a chance to be part of something special. That something special is Tweddle. Join us on the journey of expansion for both Tweddle and the Early Parenting sector.
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Tweddle team 2022

Diversity; Everyone is unique, included and heard.
Equity; Advocacy for fair opportunities.
Inclusion; Meaningful participation for all.
Belonging; Be your authentic self.

Tweddle acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we work and pay our respects to Elders past and present. We believe in supporting babies, toddlers, children and families to stay connected to cultures, communities and Countries. Tweddle welcomes people of different age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, intersex status, culture, sexual orientation, relationship status, language, faith, ability levels and socio-economic backgrounds.  We take an intersectional approach in reducing inequality and discrimination by embedding safe, inclusive and affirming partnerships. We celebrate families from all walks of life and promote diversity, equity, inclusion and a sense of belonging in principle and practice.

Parents talk about Tweddle’s support.
Tweddle might be renown as a 100+ year-old Sleep School and Early Parenting Centre but we are so much more than that, as illustrated in this wonderful Tweddle profile by House of Wellness.
Tweddle provides a combination of residential, day stay, in-home, tele-health, fee for service and community based Early Parenting programs. You can self-refer to Tweddle or get a referral from your trusted health professional.

Once referred to as a ‘Sleep School’, Tweddle offers so much more than sleep and settling. All of Tweddle’s Early Parenting Centre programs change the trajectory of family’s lives, with far reaching consequences now and for generations. Tweddle supports parents and carers of babies and toddlers to strengthen attachment, learn about sleep and settling, read their child’s cues, build parenting skills and confidence and connect with community.

Infant Mental Health Awareness Week - Bonding Builds Babies' Brains
June 08 2023

Infant Mental Health Awareness Week takes place internationally from the 12th – 18th June. The 2023 theme is Bonding Before Birth and Beyond. Tweddle’s work in the first thousand days highlights the critical importance of bonding.

The ‘first thousand days’ refers to the period of development from conception to age 2. New research highlights the incredible window of opportunity that exists during this rapid period of infant development, especially brain architecture, life-long mental health and relationships.

Dr Nicole Milburn, Chair of the Tweddle Foundation and Chair of the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health, has been a leading voice for infants and their mental health for decades in her work as a clinical psychologist.

She noted that during Infant Mental Health Awareness Week, Tweddle becomes an even louder advocates for infants.

“The experiences we have in the earliest years of our lives impact the development of our brains. Experiencing early trauma, such as exposure to family violence or ongoing unrelieved environmental stress, can have a significant impact on brain development, potentially leaving serious and lasting consequences.” she said.

Dr Milburn added that this impact was not inevitable and that secure relationships with parents and caregivers can reduce stress caused by trauma and limit the long-term effect on the baby’s development.

tweddle dad and baby
Men's Health Week - Fostering Healthy Habits Vital For Dads
June 08 2023

This Men’s Health Week (12-18 June), Tweddle is focusing on encouraging dads to build healthy habits by identifying small changes they can make to benefit their health, wellbeing, and relationships.

A Dad’s mental health is crucial to babies, children, families, and communities. While there are many services and programs focusing on birth, baby, and toddler care and mothers’ mental health, the same level of support for dads has often been difficult to find. Fortunately, things are changing.

When Tweddle piloted Working Out Dads in 2015, the Early Parenting organisation was trying to address this significant gap in health services for fathers of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Our Programs

Day Stay Programs
Tweddle provides early parenting Day Stay programs in Footscray, Wyndham, Geelong, Kings Park in partnership with Brimbank City Council, Terang in partnership with Terang & Mortlake Health Service and Nhill in partnership with West Wimmera Health Service.
MyTime groups are peer support groups for parents and carers of children aged under 18 years who need a higher level of care than other children. Children do not need a formal diagnosis for families to attend. MyTime provides a place to socialise, discuss, to access information, and to support and be supported by other carers...
In Home Service
Tweddle offer gentle solutions to helping your baby or young child learn to sleep and settle. We provide expert in home and telephone support for baby and toddler sleep, settling, behaviour, feeding and parenting uncertainty...
Working Out Dads
After five years of program delivery and evaluation, Tweddle’s Working Out Dads has now become part of a four-year research trial to evaluate ways to promote men’s health and wellbeing during early fatherhood.
Residential Program
The Tweddle Residential Program operates from Monday to Friday each week for vulnerable families struggling with a range of parenting challenges. The early intervention and prevention program has a focus on strengthening attachment, building resilience and supporting you to understand your baby's cues....
Childbirth Education
Tweddle's Childbirth Education classes include a face-to-face option, or an online class pre-recorded at Tweddle delivered by experienced Educators with participating parents. Mums and partners can now watch the classes in the comfort of their own homes at a time that suits them. Participants are sent a password that allows access to Tweddle's Childbirth Education on Vimeo. The password allows access to a two-week viewing period.
Parenting Assessment and Skills Development
Tweddle's Parenting Assessment and Skills Development Service (PASDS) is available to parents who have children between 0 and 3 years who are currently involved with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).
Professional Development
Tweddle provide training programs and parenting workshops delivered by qualified educators with extensive knowledge and experience specialising in infant mental health, attachment, early parenting support and family partnership education. Tweddle can tailor Professional Development packages for staff, held either at Tweddle in Footscray or at a location that's convenient to you.

Impact of Our Programs


Mums, Dads, Babies & Toddlers (Resi/Day Stay/InHome/PASDs/HoPES)


Day Stay Clients


In Home Clients


Childbirth Education families


Completed Assessment and Intake Services


MyTime Families


Working Out Dads


Locations : Pascoe Vale, Wyndham Vale, Maidstone, Point Cook,  Hobsons Bay (Newport)  Brimbank, Maribynong, Melton, Whittlesea, Geelong, Terang, Bacchus Marsh, 


MCHN referrals to Tweddle


Make A Difference Today

Social Change
Tweddle is a public hospital and preventative health organisation working upstream with a focus on social change. We foster resilience in families experiencing mental ill health, family violence, isolation, addiction and exhaustion.
The Tweddle Foundation
The Tweddle Foundation supports the critical work and facilities of Tweddle Child and Family Health Service. Help us build a future for vulnerable families so that babies and toddlers get a good start in life.
Get Involved
We welcome your partnership in helping us change lives. Whether it be workplace giving, corporate partnerships, bequests, volunteering or fundraising, your help will make a difference today and for the future.

Tweddle acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government
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