Ways to use Mindfulness to Connect with your Baby

Ways to use Mindfulness to Connect with your Baby


Mindfulness is paying attention to what’s happening right now, moment by moment. Mindfulness can boost emotional and physical wellbeing, and help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

You can be mindful of your internal world – for example, what you’re thinking, how your breath makes your chest rise and fall, or how an emotion feels in your body. Or you can focus on what’s around you – for example, the sun on your skin, the smell of your coffee, or the sound of a bird.

You can be mindful anywhere and with anything. For example, you can be mindful while you’re eating, walking, listening to music or sitting.

Practicing mindfulness using your five senses is a great way to to connect with your baby, practice being in the moment and strengthen attachment.

Here is a guide to practicing mindfulness with your baby.

Sight: Start by using your sense of sight What is your baby looking at? Is your baby smiling? What facial expressions is your baby making? Let your baby take up all of your attention. Are they playing? Or moving? Have they developed the motor skills to help them play? If at any time you find your mind wandering into thought, simply bring your attention back to what you can see.


Sound: Now tune in to the sounds your baby is making. Can you hear them breathing? Can you hear any other sounds they’re making? Are they sucking on their fingers? Are they making baby talk, or saying words? Just notice all of the sounds they are making. If any other thoughts pop into your head, just let them pass & come back to noticing your child’s sounds.


Touch: Use your sense of touch to explore your baby. Run your fingers through their hair. What does it feel like? Is it soft? Wispy? Can you feel their scalp? Touch their cheek – What does their skin feel like? Does the skin on their arms feel different from the skin on their cheek? Use your sense of touch to gain a sense of your baby.


Smell: Now, smell your baby. What does your baby smell like? Can you smell your washing detergent? Or what they had for breakfast, maybe milk, or cereal? Is there a less pleasant smell, like a dirty nappy?


Taste: Finally, give your baby a kiss. What does your baby taste like? Is it their breakfast? Milk? Cereal? Or is it vomit? Or maybe your own lip balm?

For more information about mindfulness visit the Raising Children Network.

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