Upgraded Footscray Early Parenting Centre On the Way for Babies and Families

Upgraded Footscray Early Parenting Centre On the Way for Babies and Families


Today Tweddle was delighted to welcome Kat Theophanous MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Women’s Health and Katie Hall MP, Member for Footscray to Tweddle’s Footscray Early Parenting Centre (EPC).

The visit was for a construction progress tour and to meet two Tweddle families who had spent the week in the Residential program with their young babies.

Ms Theophanous and Ms Hall spent time hearing the journey of two families who described their Tweddle experience as ‘life changing’. Tweddle’s therapy dog Ajay enjoyed meeting the group.

New Footscray EPC to support more families

Troy Heathcote, the Site Manager representing builder Bowden Corporation, expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the redevelopment. He provided valuable insights into the layout, highlighting key areas such as dining spaces, family rooms, bedrooms, and meeting areas.

The redeveloped facilities are poised to accommodate more families in the west while providing a nurturing environment for babies and toddlers.

Tweddle CEO Ms Jacquie O’Brien joined the tour along with by Annette Mercuri Tweddle Deputy Board Chair, Kirsty Evans Director of Clinical Services/Nursing, Victorian Health Building Authority (VHBA) Principal Project Manager Spiro Sarkis.

Ms O’Brien noted that the upgraded Footscray EPC would introduce a new wing featuring three additional residential family units, including two Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant units with private ensuites.

Critical Early Intervention in the First 1000 days

Ms O’Brien emphasised the critical importance of the first three years in a baby’s life, as they profoundly impact their future learning and development. The enhanced facilities aim to promote better sleep and strengthen family relationships, recognising that chronic exhaustion can impede parents’ ability to form secure early attachments with their babies, make sound decisions, return to work, drive safely, and maintain their own well-being.

“Being chronically sleep deprived impacts on the ability of mums and dads to develop secure early attachment with their babies, make decisions, return to work, drive safety and look after their own health.” She said.

New Early Parenting Centre Investment

In 2018, the announcement of a $148 million state-wide investment into Early Parenting Centres was made at Tweddle’s Footscray site, by Premier Dan Andrews and Katie Hall.

As part of this initiative, eight new EPCs were planned, with Tweddle supporting Bendigo Health and Barwon Health in establishing their respective EPCs. Furthermore, Tweddle will expand its reach with a new site in Wyndham.

The plans for the redevelopment were designed in collaboration with local child and maternal health experts, as well as Aboriginal groups. Cultural safety and native landscaping were prioritised in the design, ensuring that the facilities cater to the specific needs of community.

Meeting the needs of a growing population 

Considering Victoria’s projected population of 11.2 million by 2056, the demand for parental support is expected to surge. By 2026, it is estimated that over 13,000 babies, children, and their caregivers will require the additional support provided by EPCs.

The expansion of Victoria’s EPCs will allow an additional 5,000 families each year to access the necessary assistance, positively impacting the health of babies, toddlers, families and communities.

If you need support with your baby, toddler and child up to age four, you call Tweddle on (03) 9689 1577.

To read more about Victoria’s EPC expansion project visit More early parenting centres to help Victorian families | VHBA

Tweddle EPC Construction tour
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