Sleep and Settling Training for the MCH Workforce

Maternal and Child Health Workforce Training Program

In recognising the importance of sleep for a child’s long-term development and families’ wellbeing, the Victorian government developed a new evidence-informed Sleep and Settling Model of Care. The model was developed with consultants from KPMG in consultation with MCH and other Advisory groups.

Tweddle Child and Family Health Service together with the Centre for Excellence Child and Family Welfare have developed an online training course in the Sleep and Settling Model of Care, supported by the Victorian Government. The training will build on the existing capability of the MCH workforce, further equipping the workforce with a range of evidence-informed strategies and approaches.

Overview of online training

The online course consists of an overview, six learning modules, and the Library. Each module will provide detailed information from the Model of Care and evidence-based research; visual representations; videos with experts, MCH, and interviews with parents.

The modules provide an overview of the many elements that impact on babies’ sleep and settling behaviour.  Each module will take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. The modules will be online until June 2023.

Who can undertake the training?

Your MCH Coordinator (or equivalent role) will register eligible staff to receive this training from your service. The following staff are required to undertake training:

  • MCH Coordinators and team leaders
  • MCH Nurses
  • MCH Line staff
  • MCH support and allied health staff working in the Enhanced MCH Program
  • MCH Nurses, Team Leaders and Early Parenting Practitioners working in Early Parenting Centres
  • Students currently completing the Graduate Diploma in Child and Family Health Nursing
  • MCH Nurses and Aboriginal Health and Family Support Practitioners working with families in Aboriginal organisations through the Aboriginal Maternal and Child Health program.

Face to face workshop training

After completion of the online course, your team will be invited to participate in a 6-hour, face-to-face workshop. It is anticipated that the face-to-face training will commence in mid- 2021. Planning for both face-to-face and virtual workshops is underway, subject to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on the MCH workforce. Further information will be available shortly.

Sleep and Settling Fact Sheets

A suite of 14 sleep and settling fact sheets have been developed to provide information and support to parents, caregivers, and service providers. These will support consistent and evidence-informed approaches to sleep and settling information sessions. Sleep and Settling Simple English Fact Sheets and Community Languages Fact Sheets have also been developed. Visit the Sleep – Your Baby, Toddler and Preschooler page to view the fact sheets.

Further information

Are you part of the Victorian MCH Workforce and want to know more information about the Sleep and Settling training program? Please email your questions to

Tweddle acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.


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