Roll out of State-wide Sleep and Settling Workshops Begin for MCH Workforce

Roll out of State-wide Sleep and Settling Workshops Begin for MCH Workforce


The second phase of the state-wide MCH workforce Sleep and Settling training, supported by the Victorian Government and delivered by Tweddle, has begun to roll out across the state with face-to-face workshops commencing on Tuesday 29th June.

The workshop schedule includes 79 LGAs, ten Aboriginal Organisations, three Early Parenting Centres and students. Workshop registration links are now available on the Tweddle website for all who qualify for the training.

As part of the training, the Victorian MCH Workforce is required to attend a 6-hour face to face workshop that will be delivered from June 2021 to March 2022, subject to COVID-19 restrictions. Workshop participants must have obtained the online training certificate by completing all modules and pre and post evaluation questions.

Tweddle Manager of Community Programs said that face-to-face workshop participants are required to arrive at workshops by 9.15 am for a 9.30 am start after registering their attendance through Eventbrite. She reminded participants that registrations are not transferable and will not be issued on the day of the workshop. “The workshops are designed to be interactive so participants must bring a device such as a mobile phone, iPad or laptop,” she said.

Le Ann advised that if COVID-19 restrictions are in place (and prevent face-to-face workshops) on a predetermined date, the MCH coordinator/equivalent will be notified that the workshop will be moved onto a Zoom platform. The same Eventbrite link will be used for the Zoom event.

The following staff are required to undertake the training:

  • MCH Coordinators and Team Leaders
  • MCH Nurses and MCH Line Staff
  • MCH Support and Allied Health staff working in the Enhanced MCH Program
  • MCH Nurses, Team Leaders and Early Parenting Practitioners working in Early Parenting Centres
  • Students currently completing the Graduate Diploma in Child and Family Health Nursing
  • MCH Nurses and Aboriginal Health and Family Support Practitioners working with families in Aboriginal organisations through the Aboriginal Maternal and Child Health Program.

Tweddle, together with the Centre for Excellence Child and Family Welfare, developed the training package, consisting of an online course and face to face workshops that build on the existing capability of the MCH workforce.  The Victorian government developed the new evidence-informed Sleep and Settling Model of Care in consultation with KPMG, MCH and other Advisory groups.

Registrations for the face-to-face workshops are now open on the Tweddle website’s Sleep and Settling training page.

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