Multiple Birth Awareness Week at Tweddle

Parenting Groups for New and Expecting Families of Multiples

Parenting Groups for New and Expecting Families of Multiples


Tweddle is delighted to announce a series of Parenting Education sessions starting this week for Hobsons Bay new and expecting families of multiples. The partnership with Westgate Multiple Birth Association will see four sessions take place between March and August 2022.

With thanks to funding from The Hobsons May Community Fund, the friendly information sessions will help mums, dads and carers with the challenges of the early years of raising multiples.

Parents of multiples face additional barriers when accessing parenting support services and additional levels of adversity when compared with parents of single children. These can include isolation, sleep and settling challenges, economic difficulties and bonding concerns.

Along with the joys, there are psychological, social, and economic issues associated with multiple pregnancies and adjusting to the early years. It is physically harder to take care of multiples, this is especially true when they are infants and toddlers.

Parents of multiples may feel socially isolated and experience increased levels of fatigue and stress. They may be tired, not have enough personal time, and be too busy taking care of older children.

For a family with multiples, managing the early years means accessing trusted resources and family support services. These workshops will help build connection within the community, resilience and confidence.

The group dates are:

  • Sunday 6 March ( visit here for registrations)
  • Multiple Birth Awareness Week 20-27 March – A Parenting group and morning tea on Monday 21st tba
  • Friday 1 April
  •  Friday 22 July

You can contact the Westgate Multiple Birth Association for information about joining their group and attending the parenting sessions.



Tweddle and Westgate Multiple Birth Association
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