Tweddle’s Dads Information Centre features links, blogs, resources and recommended books to help dads with the important role of parenting. Conclusive research confirms dads play a significant role in the social, cognitive, emotional and physical well-being of their children from infancy with lasting influences into their adult life.

Useful links & practical support

Practical support for dads 2021

Tweddle Resources For Dads _ Working Out Dads 2020

The Fathering Project – activities, research, tips, resources

Dads Online  an online community for separated Dads

Raising Children Network – All about fathers

Raising Children Network – Dads and depression

Mensline or phone 1300 789 978

Dads get postnatal depression too – An article by Richard Fletcher

On Being a Dad – An article about uncertainty by Leo Babuata

SMS4dads – a new project to keep in touch with dads before and after the birth through their mobile phones with tips, information and links.

Dadvice from Beyond Blue – Pregnancy and new parents advice for new dads

Blokes Psychology Podcast, videos and resources

How is Dad Going? Wellbeing support for new Dads

Dads get postnatal depression too

A review of popular parenting and mental health websites has shown how, when it comes to dealing with postnatal depression, dads are often overlooked. One in seven mums will suffer from depression after the birth of a child, said Dr Fletcher from the University of Newcastle.   “This means that just as many fathers have a new baby, a wife or partner who is miserable and very little support,” he said. “… knowing all about postnatal depression in general will not help you if your baby is crying in one room, your wife is sobbing in another, and you are trying to clean up and leave for work on time. You need to know three things: how to support her, how to look after yourself and how to connect really well with your baby”

Books, Blogs  Websites

In 2003, two mates Travis Garone and Luke Slattery from Melbourne were having a quiet beer when their conversation turned to where the Mo had gone and joked about bringing it back. Inspired by a friend’s mother who was fundraising for breast cancer, they decided to talk their friends into growing a mo and make the campaign about men’s health and prostate cancer.

And with women twice as likely to visit a mental health service provider than men and one in five Australian men (2.1 million) experiencing at least one mental illness in any 12 month period, this sort of awareness is vital.

Movember’s website is a great resource for men.

The publication Fathers Matter, offers practical information for fathers on bonding with your children, everyday fatherhood, rough and tumble play and parenting after separation.   Being a father is one of the most rewarding life experiences a man can have. This publication describes the rewards and benefits of choosing to be an involved father, and what that means for men and their children.

Dad’s Handbook – A guide to the first 12 months is a helpful book produced by Beyond Blue and Ngala with helpful information for new dads.  Supportive, realistic and practical advice is given around the pregnancy and birth, including supports and organising time off work, handling a new baby, your baby’s brain, getting to know your baby, your relationship with your partner, post natal depression in both parents, feeding, playing and sleep.

Beyond Blue’s Dads Handbook – a Guide to the first 12 months  Beyond Blue Dads Handbook

An interesting resource with facts and practicap tips Talking to Dads about bonding

Fathers Matter – a great parenting resource for Dads Fathers Matter (PDF – 1.9Mb)

Beyond Blue offers invaluable support and resources for dads and their partners coping with anxiety and depression. They offer 24 hours over the phone support on 1300 22 4636.  They also provide web chat if you don’t feel like talking.

Visit the offical facebook page of the best Aussie Daddy Bloggers Down Under.  They share info, blogs, articles and links all realated to being a Dad.

In his honest and funny blog Dad Down Under, Matt invites dads to share their stories and join him on his journey into dadhood, which as he reveals, can be a tough one.  Mums welcome.

Men at Birth edited by David Vernon published by Finch.  Men at Birth is a collection of stories written by Australian men, for men, about their experiences of being at the birth of their children.  Men at Birth includes many heartfelt stories including how Dave Cowling had heard about women experiencing postnatal depression but he never expected it would happen to him. Order the book here

The Dad Factor by Richard Fletcher published by Finch. This groundbreaking book explores many fascinating new understandings of the importance of a father in a child’s life and explains why a father’s involvement with his child, right from birth, is vitally important to the development of a child’s brain and emotional stability. Order the book here

What Happens Now by Nick Carr. Your first time? A bit nervous? Not sure what happens now? Welcome, first-time father, to the mysterious world of parenting. Expecting your first baby is wonderful, perplexing and at times downright terrifying. As well as all the excitement, a lot of first-time dads can also feel confused, frustrated and a bit left out. If this is you, relax, sit back and dip into What Happens Now? Nick Carr is a doctor, father and parenting expert who will help you navigate your way through these unfamiliar waters. From the sometimes mystifying world of antenatal care, to the sleep deprived baby period, Nick examines the experiences and feelings of the new dad – order the book here

If you or your partner aren’t coping with parenting as well as you’d like,  contact your GP who can refer you to someone to talk with.  Help is available. 

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