“Seeking help for baby sleep and settling is usually the first reason parents contact Tweddle. Historically known as a Sleep School, Tweddle is an Early Parenting Centre offering a gentle, holistic service including education around attachment and infant mental health.
While we require a referral to care for your family, we’re happy to chat with you about our parenting programs and even offer tours and information sessions if you are still unsure. We understand how exhaustion can impact parenting, relationships and mental health. Call us if you have any questions”

Tweddle is a 99 year old early intervention and prevention health service supporting over 4000 families every year from across Victoria. Families that reach out to Tweddle have identified that they need parenting support beyond what is available from their Maternal & Child Health Nurse or GP, often due to exhaustion, postnatal depression and an unsettled baby or toddler.

Through an intensive assessment and intake process, experienced Tweddle clinicians start to determine other challenges. These include the impacts on a parent, baby or toddler arising from depression, anxiety, family violence, disability, financial distress and isolation. We know a combination of these issues can place a parent or child at risk.

As a public hospital, Tweddle has a range of programs, both for voluntary and mandated (child protection) family admissions. Some programs are Government funded while other programs are delivered through grants and sponsorship.

Tweddle also provide tailored professional development and parenting workshops packages for health professionals and organisations. See our Professional Development page for more information.

A health professional referral (ie Maternal and Child Health Nurse or GP) is required to attend a residential or day stay program. Your health professional can access the referral forms here.

Tweddle Programs and Services

Download the Tweddle Programs Flyer here. Call us on (03) 9689 1577 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm  if you have any questions about our programs.

Tweddle has a commitment to honouring and celebrating diversity in all staff, volunteers, and families, including full participation in programs, policy formulation, and decision-making.  We acknowledge the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals and pledge to creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences.

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