Laura’s Continuous Learning Journey at Tweddle

Laura’s Continuous Learning Journey at Tweddle


Starting a new role in the middle of a pandemic can be challenging! Not so for social care worker Laura Hennessy, a valued Tweddle Early Parenting Practitioner working alongside Parenting Assessment and Skill Development Program and Residential families. She talks here about the passion that underpins her work with babies, toddlers, parents and families.

When did you start at Tweddle?

I started at Tweddle in July 2020 a few months after I moved to Australia from Ireland. I started as a casual employee and then a month or two later became permanent.

What is your role at Tweddle?

I am currently working full time as an Early Parenting Practitioner across both the Residential and Parenting Assessment and Skill Development (PASD) programs.

What is your qualification?

I am a qualified Social Care Worker since 2018 and I have completed short courses since then including Play Therapy Skills, Parenting Under Pressure, Attachment and Infant Mental Health, Newborn Behavioural Observation, Sleep and Settling and Trauma-informed care.

I have experience working in a number of sectors including homelessness, youth and disability. I have also worked in a Parent and Infant Assessment Unit which led me to my work at Tweddle.

What does it mean to you to work at Tweddle?

For me, I really enjoy working at Tweddle as I always say in this work every day is different and that is what I love the most. I feel like I am continuously learning and upskilling every day. I also have the pleasure of working with such an amazing team of professionals who all bring different, unique skills and experience to the work we do in supporting families and children.

What are you passionate about when it comes to your work?

Since I started working in this sector a few years ago, my passion has always been working in partnership with families meeting them where they are at, using a therapeutic and strengths-based approach. I also love how rewarding the work is supporting families and making a difference in their lives.

How have you seen things change during your time at Tweddle?

For me, I started at Tweddle in the middle of a COVID pandemic and I was amazed at how the service adapted so quickly in order to keep supporting and safeguarding vulnerable families and children.

What advice you are asked for most?

Families often ask a lot of questions about their baby’s sleep, routines and next stage of development. It’s very common for parents to want to get everything ‘right’ and be that ‘perfect parent’ however with parenting a lot of the time it’s learning on the job.

Laura said that she always reminds parents that they are the ones that know their babies the best, and sometimes it’s just building confidence and trusting in themselves.  We’re grateful for Laura’s enthusiasm, care and teamwork.

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