Grace comes to Tweddle


Parents, health professionals and family services workers don’t often think of Art Therapy when they think of the services provided by Tweddle but a new student placement from LaTrobe University is changing all of that.

Master of Art Therapy student Grace Pickford is settling in to her role at Tweddle where she will be working alongside clinicians, parents, babies and toddlers.

Grace will be working two full days a week between March and October in a position she thinks will be extremely rewarding. “I’m really looking forward to learning from Tweddle’s Play Practitioners, Psychologist and other clinical staff” she said. “My placement will provide me with over 200 hours learning about relationships and trauma informed care and how art can help heal and strengthen attachment”.

Grace hopes to run groups with parents and help them to let go of judging what is good and bad, both with art and parenting. “people are so often critical of themselves, so art is a way of expressing themselves without judgement”.

Tweddle’s holistic offerings for residential families include a Delta Therapy Dog, qualified Play Practitioners, Psychology support and Occupational Therapy students. Contact Tweddle if you or someone you know needs specialised support with your baby or toddler on (03) 9689 1577

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