Fiona Adding Experience and Innovation at Tweddle

Fiona Adding Experience and Innovation at Tweddle


Registered nurse Fiona Kay brought a wealth of clinical knowledge and experience to Tweddle when she first started at the Early Parenting Centre four years ago. Her decades of experience working with vulnerable infants and their families at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Western Private, Epworth Geelong and across other clinical settings, was a huge asset to the Tweddle team and continues today.

We spoke to Fiona about her career, values and her experiences strengthening families and providing a wealth of guidance to her Tweddle colleagues.

When did you start at Tweddle?

I started at Tweddle in September 2017 as a casual staff member covering the Registered Nurse (RN) Team Leader (TL) role and later became a permanent staff member. During that time I was also working in coronary care for Western Private.

What is your role at Tweddle?

My current Role at Tweddle is Manager Community Programs. I have fulfilled several different roles at Tweddle. I have been RN/TL working across the Residential program and Parenting Assessment and Skills Development (PASD) program, including weekend and night shifts and supporting PASDS families on admission day.

I have also covered the role of In-home Coordinator and worked as part of the Assessment and Intake team. Last year during Victoria’s extended lockdown period, I was a Team Leader for our Telehealth program.

What is your qualification or career pathway at Tweddle?

I have a Bachelor of Science – Nursing and a Diploma of Management and Cert iv in Health Administration. I have a background in paediatric nursing and was a Hospital Coordinator at The Royal Children Hospital for nearly 10 years before commencing at Tweddle. I have also been a hospital coordinator at several other organisations and still provide clinical leadership as a Hospital coordinator at Epworth Geelong. 

How long have you been at Tweddle?

I’ve been at Tweddle for 4 years.

What does it mean to you to work at Tweddle?

I really enjoy working at Tweddle as there are so many different programs that educate and support families which can lead to positive outcomes for babies, toddlers and their parents. Working with families, both on the Residential unit and in the community is such a privilege and can be rewarding in a number of ways. The diversity of the staff and clients that attend Tweddle daily means that no two days are the same. We are always learning and growing.

What are you passionate about when it comes to your work? 

I am passionate about supporting staff and upholding the values of our organisation. I am passionate about being innovative in our program delivery especially through COVID so families and children can access the support they need.

You’ve been at Tweddle for four years, how have you seen things change?

The greatest change has occurred over the past 18 months as the organisation and staff have had to adapt to working with clients in an alternate way due to COVID and lockdowns. The delivery of virtual programs has been a huge change but also one of the most positive outcomes of the pandemic. It has given access to many regional families who may have found it difficult to access our services in the past.

What advice are you most asked for? 

I think staff approach me with queries or issues knowing they will receive an honest, fair and reasonable response.

We’re grateful to Fiona for sharing her clinical insights with staff, her innovation, and the care and support she provides to every family she works with at Tweddle.

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