Corporate Information

Tweddle Child and Family Health Service is a Schedule 1 Public Hospital incorporated under the Health Services Act 1988.

To ensure we provide the best possible services management and staff continually strive to improve the quality and safety of services in all areas of operation. Our work includes:

  • Identifying quality improvement initiatives by evaluating data from studies, client surveys, incident reports, audits and complaints
  • Participating in external accreditation activities through the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, Evaluation and Quality Improvement Program (ACHS EQuIP and DHHS) and Registration Standards for Community Service Organisations
  • Regular monitoring and analysis of evaluation reports by Tweddle Staff and Board
  • Running ongoing quality and risk management activities

EQuIP and DHHS accreditation

Tweddle currently uses the ACHS EQuIP membership to implement quality improvement and to evaluate our performance.  The process is done over a four year cycle and requires annual submissions to ACHS. Tweddle also undertakes annual DHHS accreditation. Tweddle is committed to ongoing continuous quality improvement and working with ACHS.

Listening and responding to community needs and patient satisfaction surveys

Tweddle actively seeks feedback about the experience of our clients. Patient satisfaction surveys are distributed to all clients who attend a Tweddle Residential, Day Stay or In-Home program. Results from these surveys are analysed and reported to management and committees on a regular basis.

Expressing a concern, complaint or suggestion

We are interested in hearing of any difficulties or concerns of patients, their relatives, carers or friends experienced whilst at Tweddle. If you have any concerns during your stay, please tell the parenting or reception staff or send your feedback online at You will be able to express any concerns or problems without any fear of being disadvantaged.

We appreciate the opportunity to resolve your complaint with us. More information can also be found in the Tweddle Client Charter. If you have tried this and are still unsatisfied, you can make a complaint to the Health Service Commissioner.

Health Services Commissioner
30th Floor, 570 Bourke Street
Melbourne  VIC  3000

Phone 8601 5200
Freecall 1800 136 066
Fax 8601 5219

Access to your health records and confidentiality for your personal information

Maintenance of medical records is in full compliance with DHHS reporting requirements and the provisions of the Privacy Act and the Health Information Act.

You have the right to see or obtain a copy of your health records. This can be done through Tweddle or through Freedom of Information. Everyone involved in your program has a professional and legal duty to keep information about you confidential.

How do I make an application?

All formal requests for access to documents of Tweddle Child and Family Health Service under the provision of Freedom of information Act are to be made in writing to the address below. Please include sufficient information about the document and fill in the required form to enable it to be identified and provide a $25.00 application fee.

FOI – Freedom of Information Application form

Send the request to:

Freedom of Information Officer
Tweddle Child and Family Health Service
53 Adelaide St
Footscray  VIC  3011

Where access to documents is granted to inspect, obtain or purchase material, arrangements will be made during normal office hours, Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. Charges for access to documents under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act will be in accordance with the standard provisions of the Freedom of Information (Access Charges) Regulation 1993.


Policy & Procedures

Tweddle is committed to providing information about our policies to the public.  If there’s a topic you would like to learn more about, please contact

POLCO52 Procurement – Complaints Management

Tweddle Procurement Activity Plan Summary Jan 2020-June 2021

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