Combining Business, Psychology and Information Systems to Improve Community Health

Combining Business, Psychology and Information Systems to Improve Community Health


Toby Cai is a University of Melbourne Masters student who has been supporting Tweddle with a number of Data Governance projects for the past four months. Everyone has loved working with Toby who has an incredibly bright future ahead of him. We spoke to Toby about his career aspirations, working at Tweddle and his dedication to supporting communities through technology.

What are your qualifications and are you still studying?

I completed my bachelor’s degree (double degree) in Business and Psychology in 2019. Before I started my internship at Tweddle, I worked as an intern for a number of business administration organisations.  Right now, I am completing my final semester of a Master of Information Systems at the University of Melbourne.

How did you come to be at Tweddle?

I have always had an interest in psychology and technology. During my postgraduate study, I was looking for an opportunity that allowed me to apply my tech and psychology knowledge while contributing to the local community. I was fortunate enough to be selected by the university’s engineering internship program. While I was browsing the list of intern roles, Tweddle’s recruitment captured my attention.

Tweddle’s information governance position was a great fit with my background. I felt that my values were aligned with Tweddle’s, which was about helping our community become stronger. So, I submitted my application and secured an interview with Jacquie, the General Manager of Corporate Services and Milinda, Systems and Support Coordinator. After the interview and understanding more about the role, I knew that this was the opportunity that I was looking for.

What have you been working on at Tweddle?

Over the past four months, I have been working as an information Data Governance Officer for Tweddle. My major responsibilities have included:

  • Supporting the overall development, management and delivery of the information governance strategy and information governance action plan to assist Tweddle’s senior managers
  • Assessing current and future needs of the organisation
  • Providing support on issues relating to clinical & non-clinical data.
  • Making recommendations regarding business process analysis

For example, I worked with Milinda and Jacquie to produce the business development plan and technology implementation plan for the data warehouse, business intelligence project. Also, we have been working on the relevant data policies to ensure our future data information can be used to improve our services and protect our clients. Recently, we have been working on the data flow project and this project will help us to have a better understanding of our working process. By doing this, we will be able to optimise our working processes, make them more efficient and improve customer waiting times in the future.

What are your career pathway aspirations?

I am most interested in the Business Analyst pathway. Many people are relying heavily on their phones or computers in their everyday life. Additionally, I understand most people are living a modern, fast-paced lifestyle and are getting more comfortable getting things done on their smart devices. In order to support organisations to provide efficient and quality services, I hope to help put their technology to better use. Therefore, their services can become more convenient and accessible for more people.

You have quite a unique skill set, what benefits does that bring to organisations like Tweddle? Is there a particular sector that interests you?

I am very interested in the consulting sector, especially in the health industry. In the post-COVID era, I realised that people would pay more attention to their mental health. But not all mental health services are accessible for everyone. So, I hope I can make some improvements to systems that have a focus on improved accessibility through technology.

What have you enjoyed most about working at Tweddle?

I love working at Tweddle because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. Additionally, I love that everyone cares for each other and supports each other whenever we need help.

My most favourite memory in Tweddle would be lunchtime in the dining room as everyone is happy to share their stories and experiences with me. I learnt a lot from our conversations.

General Manager of Corporate Services Jacquie Tilbury said that Toby had brought a great deal of Data Governance innovation and insight to the project team. “Everyone has enjoyed working with Toby, he has an incredibly bright future ahead of him.” she said.



Toby Cai
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