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Childbirth Education to include relationships focus

Childbirth Education to include relationships focus


Childbirth education at Tweddle empowers parents to understand not only the stages of labour and birth, but the importance of maintaining healthy relationships. Having a baby and being a parent is one of the most important roles people will have in their lives, but the transition to parenting can place relationships under enormous stress.

With over 250 babies born every week across Melbourne’s West, Tweddle’s Childbirth Education classes have expanded to include a 3 hour healthy relationship session. The Baby Makes 3 session is delivered by an experienced male and female facilitator and helps prepare couples for the journey ahead.  Expectant parents attending the Thursday, Saturday and Sunday sessions will all benefit from the additional free group.

A baby needs a secure, loving base for optimal social, emotional and physical development and attachment. Childbirth Education classes are run in partnership with Western Health at 53 Adelaide Street in Footscray.

visit Tweddle’s Childbirth Education page for a reservation details.

Tweddle Childbirth Education
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