Advocacy, teamwork and a great start for babies drives Tweddle Director of Clinical Services and Nursing

Advocacy, teamwork and a great start for babies drives Tweddle Director of Clinical Services and Nursing


Kirsty Evans has been Tweddle’s Director of Clinical Services and Nursing since 2015 after a move from Mercy Health O’Connell Family Centre.

Kirsty had returned to Melbourne after trialling a sea change for a short period as CEO Bass Coast Community Health. In that role, Kirsty was pivotal, along with the Board, in initiating a successful amalgamation with Bass Coast Health – the Regional Public Hospital.

Prior to heading to Bass Coast Kirsty spent nearly 10 years at the Queen Elizabeth Centre in a variety of roles from Community and Residential PASDS Coordinator to Manager of the Residential Unit, Manager of Community programs and finally Director of Nursing.

Kirsty’s career has taken her from her general training at Prince Henry’s Melbourne to paediatrics in Western Australia, back to Melbourne to undertake midwifery training before heading to Queensland to work again in paediatrics, community adolescent nursing and then undertake the equivalent of Maternal & Child Health training. We spoke to Kirsty about her career pathway.

When did you start at Tweddle?

I started working at Tweddle on the 4th of May 2015. My first day was on crutches after tearing my ACL in my left knee

What is your role at Tweddle?

Director Clinical Services/Nursing

What is your qualification?

Registered Nurse, Midwife, Maternal & Child Health Nurse. Qualifications in Paediatrics, Health Education and Health Promotion and Health Services Management

What does it mean to you to work at Tweddle?

I am proud to lead a skilled and dedicated clinical team that provides support and education to families with vulnerable babies and toddlers. We are the voice of those babies and toddlers and strongly advocate for their health and wellbeing to give them the best start in life and put them on the best trajectory for good outcomes later in life.

What are you passionate about when it comes to your work?

I am passionate about giving babies and toddlers the best start in life and ensuring they have a voice to policymakers, Government and other stakeholders. I am also passionate about trying to ensure our staff are looked after as much as possible to ensure they are available to support our families.

What advice you are asked for most?

Can a family attend our services when they have really complex needs and the risk profile needs to be seriously considered? I strongly advocate for parents and carers to be given the best opportunity to be the best possible parent or carer within the context of their capabilities and taking safety for all into consideration.

Kirsty’s career has focussed on child, adolescent and family health for nearly 40 years. Her experience and insights mean Tweddle is in good hands when it comes to quality, safer care for families and equity for staff.

Kirsty Evans Tweddle
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