Tweddle Mum reflects on Residential Journey

Tweddle Mum reflects on Residential Journey


Megan came to Tweddle teary and exhausted. Her daughter Abigail had reflux and colic which Megan felt was impacting their bonding and ability to read her daughter’s cues.  She felt sleep deprived and was worried about whether she was doing things right.

Although Megan had lots of support around her, she felt that a residential stay would help her and her baby. In this interview, Megan talks about her 5-day residential stay, how she felt safe to open up and the enormous amount of compassion and support she received.

We are grateful to Megan for sharing her Tweddle journey with us. As a specialist Early Parenting Centre (EPC), we employ an incredible team of experienced and caring clinicians.

They are able to care for families 24/7 and help them discover their strengths. As Megan’s Tweddle clinicians reminded her “You’ve got this, you know what you’re doing, don’t doubt yourself”.

Call Tweddle on (03) 9689 1557 if you, or someone you know needs Early Parenting support.



Tweddle Residential mum
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