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Students Present Sleep Hygiene Study

Students Present Sleep Hygiene Study


Tweddle recently had the pleasure of providing placement for ACU Occupational Therapy students Eleanor Barry and Amelia Ford.

At the completion of their placement they presented a Sleep Hygiene project to staff.  Their research and presentation was excellent and confirmed how sleep was vital to the mental health and functioning of parents, babies, toddlers and children.

Amelia and Eleanor shared strategies to promoting good quality sleep and the benefits. They explained how sleep strengthened the immune system, lowered the risk for serious health conditions and improved problem solving, attention and memory. Importantly for the many sleep deprived parents that attend a Tweddle program, their findings showed improved sleep supported good mental health and emotional wellbeing.

The students explored common barriers to sleep and the impact of sleep deprivation. Impacts included overeating, mood changes, a weakened immune system, fatigue and low motivation. Difficulties with thinking, memory and decision making are also challenges linked with lack of sleep.

Their findings covered factors in getting a good night’s sleep and included environmental factors like noise, temperature and lighting.

Eleanor and Amelia made some great recommendations and strategies to help parents get a better night sleep. They suggested reserving a “worry period” before going to bed, and writing thoughts in a notebook.

Other suggestions were to try to do something to relax your mind before bed e.g progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and listening to calming music. It was suggested that exercise was avoided at bedtime and instead to try gentle stretching or yoga.

Knowing that lack of sleep, exhaustion and fatigue are linked to stress, anxiety and depression, the students recommended health support services like Tweddle, COPE, PANDA, Parentline, and the Maternal and Child Healthline

Tweddle partners with various universities to provide student placements. Universities include RMIT, La Trobe, ACU, Monash and Deakin.

Student qualifications include Maternal & Child Health Nursing, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Paramedicine, Art Therapy and Psychology.

Students have worked on a range of projects which provide family friendly information for residential parents, carers and children. Projects have covered community facilities, seasonal and sensory play, baby food and nutrition, family violence and staff identification projects.

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Tweddle students
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