Tweddle and WMBA

Partnerships and Pop Ups for Multiple Birth Awareness Week

Partnerships and Pop Ups for Multiple Birth Awareness Week


Tweddle’s new partnership with the Westgate Multiple Birth Association was celebrated yesterday with a Pop Up Playgroup at Tweddle.

The Herald Sun, which reported on the event, said that people are being reminded of the extra needs of parents of twins and greater multiples.

Early parenting centre and sleep specialist Tweddle partnered with the Westgate Multiple Birth Association to host a series of activities during the year, the first being a pop-up playgroup for multiples and their parents to enjoy this week.

Tweddle chief Jacquie O’Brien said she was excited to provide extra support to parents.

“Parents of multiples face additional barriers when accessing parenting support services and additional levels of adversity when compared with parents of single children,” she said.

“These can include isolation, sleep and settling challenges, economic difficulties and bonding concerns.”

WMBA president Zoe Millar said the partnership would be vital for families with multiples in the western suburbs.

“We look forward to strengthening our shared vision and developing and sharing resources and information to better serve the needs of multiple birth families in Victoria,” Ms Millar said.

The theme for this year’s Multiple Birth Awareness Week is zygosity, which refers to how genetically similar the offspring in multiple births are.

Support is available from the Australian Multiple Birth Association.  Contact them for your local Multiple Birth group, resources, webinars and education.

Tweddle and WMBA
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