West Wimmera Health Service is proud to launch the Hindmarsh Day Stay program to offer parents and their children a safe and welcoming space to find parenting support.

West Wimmera Health Service has joined with Tweddle Child and Family Health Service to provide families across the Wimmera with the opportunity to work alongside trained Maternal and Child Health Nurses. Together staff and families will look at the whole daily cycle spent with babies and young children. This will help to provide practical strategies to empower parents and children to thrive when they are back in their own homes.

Families arrive at the day stay centre early in the morning and stay the entire day to gain understanding, support and practical strategies to deal with parenting difficulties. Parents also have the opportunity to talk to other parents experiencing similar challenges. Topics can include;

  • Settling and sleep
  • Breast or formula feeding
  • Nutrition
  • Child development and behaviour
  • Health and wellbeing issues

The program is currently offered every Friday at the Nhill Early Years Centre, with members of the Maternal and Child Health team. It is open to families from across the Wimmera.

To get the support you need, or for any questions, please contact the Nhill Early Learning centre – 2-20 Whitehead AVE Nhill 3418 and phone (03) 53914249

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