Multiple Birth Awareness Week at Tweddle

Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2021 – Zygosity

Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2021 – Zygosity


Tweddle has had the great pleasure of meeting with the Westgate Division of The Australian Multiple Birth Association (WMBA) to formalise a new partnership. This will see a number of exciting initiatives unveiled throughout the year. The first event will take place during Australian Multiple Birth Awareness Week (21-28 March), a facilitated multiples playgroup for WMBA parents, babies and toddlers.

Tweddle CEO Ms Jacquie O’Brien was excited about the prospect of working closely with WMBA families. “Parents of multiples face additional barriers when accessing parenting support services and additional levels of adversity when compared with parents of single children.” she said.

“Barriers can include isolation, sleep and settling challenges, economic difficulties and bonding concerns.” she said. “For a family with multiples, managing the early years means accessing trusted resources and family support services like Tweddle. We look forward to supporting and working with Westgate Multiple Birth families.”

WMBA Club President, Zoe Millar said that the partnership was important for families of multiples in Melbourne’s west. “Westgate MBA are thrilled to be partnering with Tweddle in the lead up to Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2021. Tweddle has a rich history supporting families in our community and we look forward to strengthening our shared vision and developing and sharing resources and information to better serve the needs of multiple birth families in Victoria.”

The Multiple Birth Awareness Week theme for 2021 is Zygosity – the characteristics of a zygote (a cell formed by the union of two gametes). Zygosity is used to characterize the genetic relationship between offspring of a single birth, which is twins or multiples. Essentially, zygosity describes twin-type based on origin.

In the context of multiple births, zygosity refers to how genetically similar (or different) twins are. Zygosity is an important issue of discussion in the multiples community. The familiar classifications of twin-type are identical and fraternal, which are commonly used to describe twins based on appearance. However, zygosity is a more important scientific classification for describing twins based on how they formed.

Challenges of Parenting Multiples 

Along with the joys, there are psychological, social, and economic issues associated with multiple pregnancies and adjusting to the early years. It is physically harder to take care of multiples, this is especially true when they are infants and toddlers. Parents of multiples may feel socially isolated and experience increased levels of fatigue and stress. They may be tired, not have enough personal time, and be too busy taking care of older children.

Support is available from the Australian Multiple Birth Association.  Contact them for your local Multiple Birth group, resources, webinars and education.

Multiple Birth Awareness Week at Tweddle
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