Helping Dads Work It Out in Men's Health Week

Helping Dads Work It Out in Men’s Health Week


As part of Men’s Health Week, Working Out Dads facilitator Scott Hall offers helpful links for dads in the early years including blogs, stories, research and videos.  The overwhelming theme is the importance of dads to the health of their children and families, but dads first need to look after themselves. Tweddle’s Working Out Dads is a 6-week after hours program designed to overcome barriers to health service support by dads of  0-4 year old children (i.e., long employment hours; stigma). As Men’s Health Week draws to a close, we highlight the need for Government to fund more early intervention and prevention programs for dads.

Resources for dads and families






  • Great easy read on Dads and the research from one of Australia’s top researchers Richard Fletcher – good stuff on bonding, attachment, play and infant development. The Dad  Factor



Read more about Tweddle’s Working Out Dads program here.





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