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One or more children under 4yrsCurrent involvement with Child ProtectionCurrent involvement with Child FirstAboriginal/Torres Strait IslanderRefugeeCALD (Cultural and Linguistic Diversity)

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Meeting child's emotional needsMeeting child's social needsMeeting child's physical needsMeeting child's cognitive intellectual needs

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Feeding concerns impacting on healthChallenging BehaviourChronic illnessMore than 5wks PrematureDisability2500gms at birthDevelopment concerns


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Physical DisabilityIntellectual DisabilityChronic illnessSubstance misuseHomelessnessMental illnessAn offending patternTeenage parentingFamily ViolenceSingle Parent without supportHistory of abuse/neglect as a childSevere budgeting and financial difficultiesPrevious Child Protection involvement with other childrenLow educational attainment - less than year 9

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