A Tweddle Mum shares Her Giving Story

A Tweddle Mum shares Her Giving Story


We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to access the early parenting centre at Tweddle.

Celeste is our first child. The early months were very challenging for us, as we worked through my birth trauma, difficulties with breastfeeding, some personal losses in the family and perinatal mental health challenges.

In early 2020 we reached out to Tweddle for support with Celeste’s sleeping. Celeste was taking a long time to settle in the evenings, waking often in the evening and having very short naps in the day.

My anxiety was through the roof, my husband and I were arguing often, I was frequently in tears and attempts to improve our daughter’s settling through strategies imparted to us from a private sleep consultant were not working for anyone. We were all distressed, tired and in need of help.

We were initially offered a day stay appointment at Tweddle and managed to get in fairly quickly by being on a cancellation list. The opportunity to have this flexible approach to get in faster was fantastic.

The support we received at day stay was really good, but it was far too short. The staff picked up very quickly that my levels of distress were high and fast tracked a referral to residential stay. In a matter of weeks we were heading in to attend a 4 night stay. Our request for a dark and quiet room, which had concerned me at day stay, was even accommodated despite this being a logistical challenge.

Our residential stay was during the early stages of the pandemic and we received excellent care despite alterations needing to be made to service provision to make it COVID-safe. The staff were all so knowledgeable and nurturing.

We were there to learn how to settle Celeste, but got so much more – improved parenting confidence, the ability to be able to go with our baby, letting go of some anxiety and feelings of failure linked to my daughter’s sleep and a flexible routine based on watching our baby’s tired signs not the clock.

My husband and I began trusting one another and ourselves more and together were able to make improved and collaborative attempts at settling Celeste. When it didn’t work, we worried less, tried to take it less personally and just moved on with the day.

When Celeste’s sleep changed again in the months after coming home, we reached out for help again. Intake always encouraged me to get back in touch if things became tough again, and were always so supportive on the phone when I was often in tears.

We were offered a series of telehealth sessions, initially one and then an intensive block a few months later, innovative practice which had been setup during COVID-19. We were once again carefully stepped through making changes to Celeste’s settling, and had our own wellbeing and mental health supported too at the same time.

We came to Tweddle expecting a sleep school, and gained so much more. We got wrapped with care and support, like a physically distanced hug. Our whole family unit benefited, and we are so grateful to have been able to access such a fantastic public health service, even in the midst of a global pandemic. I wouldn’t hesitate to get back in touch if we found ourselves requiring more help again, and am very quick to let other mums and dads in distress know about the fantastic services offered by Tweddle.

Special mention to Leonie Cartan who was one of the nurses who looked after us during residential stay and through telehealth. Leonie’s knowledge and approach was fantastic. We always instantly felt comfortable with her and knew we could trust what she said, even if it was always a disaster on our first attempt. She was our one source of truth. The opportunity to have continuity of care from residential stay through to telehealth many months later provided for a more exceptional patient experience.

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Photographer Polina Tankilevitch
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