Tweddle Playsteps Training


What is PlaySteps?

PlaySteps is an 8 week evidence based parent/child interaction program with an emphasis on strengthening parent/child attachment through play. The program is designed to improve parent-child interaction, to build positive relationships and to help parents to understand their child’s behaviour and gain practical skills. The program centres on play and parents/carers having fun with their child.

Who Should Attend?

Maternal and Child Health nurses, Health professionals, Early Childhood and Community support workers who are providing care to families with babies, toddlers and pre-school children.

How does PlaySteps benefit the parent child interaction?

The theoretical framework focusses on building the relationships between the parent and the child and promoting a secure and healthy parent-child relationship. Training covers:

  • The attachment relationship between parent and child
  • Recognising the uniqueness of their child
  • Developing empathy and understanding of their child’s feelings
  • Helping parents to repair when the elements of the relationship are not working
  • Building a child’s social and emotional development
  • Developing a play repertoire

The Playsteps Program uses one on one coaching, interactive play sessions, group education and the usage of video footage as the basis of feedback and guidance. The program draws on a range of tools in working with parents and children including:

  • Keys to Caregiving & NCAST PCE Scales
  • Personal Environment Assessments & Family Partnership Approach

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