Tweddle Psychologist Caring For Families in the first 1000 Days

Tweddle Psychologist Caring For Families in the first 1000 Days


Tweddle’s new psychologist Jess Chidgey understands the importance of good mental health in the early years of parenting, especially as a parent of a 15 month old baby.

In her role, Jess works with residential families facing a number of challenges. In some circumstances she is supporting mums or dads who are sharing struggles for the first time or have never had a mental health plan.

Jess reflected on her supportive role working with parents of babies and toddlers. “I work with families to help them get the most out of their residential stay.” she said. “I help put things in place so that families return to their homes and communities feeling supported and better prepared for the future. This might be linking a mum to a mums and bubs class where self-care is prioritised or a group where practical parenting skills and peer support is available.”

Jessica works with families attending Tweddle’s five day and ten day residential programs. Parents talk to Jessica about a range of challenges including anxiety, depression, isolation and feeling overwhelmed. “Linking families into community services and programs is really important, especially with families experiencing less support than they might have in previous years” she said.

Families can phone Tweddle on 9689 1577 to enquire about our 5 day Residential Program. A referral from a Maternal and Child Health Nurse or GP is required which can be found on the Health Professionals link on the Tweddle website


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