Students explore The Importance of Seasonal Play

Students explore The Importance of Seasonal Play


Written by Lauren Caulfield and Jade Cabraja

In May Tweddle welcomed Lauren Caulfield and Jade Cabraja, two Occupational Therapy (OT) students from Australian Catholic University (ACU) who recently finished their 9 week placement.

Jade and Lauren wanted to provide caregivers with a cost effective resource to increase knowledge of the importance of play and sensory engagement (understanding the “why” of play).

The students created a wall hanging with the 4 season pockets, with play ideas for each season in the pockets. The resource has an information brochure alongside it for caregivers to take home. The aim of the resources is to support caregivers by providing them with examples and ideas for using the environment in play activities.

The seasonal play resources encourage parents to use cost effective and DIY resources to create and improve the physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills of children who attend Tweddle’s residential unit through engagement in seasonal play.

The most productive occupation for children is play, play is how children learn and helps them to develop their cognitive, emotional, social and physical development. – Promotes bonding and attachment.

The students explored sensory regulation – how does it fit in with play? They found that parents/caregivers undervalue the importance of play (particularly outdoor play). The main barrier for outdoor physical activity and play is weather. The aim of the resource is to provide education about playing in all seasonal changes in a safe way.

Children with developmental concerns, learning disorders or challenges with social interaction tend to preference indoor & sedentary play. Outdoor play can help children of all needs to lessen hyperactivity and behavioural concerns while supporting them to develop more skills.

Occupational therapy is an allied health profession that aims to promote participation in activities that are meaningful/important to an individual by addressing environmental, personal, or task-related barriers.

The Seasonal Play brochure is available on Tweddle’s Parent Info Hub.


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