Resilient communities start with with informed parents

Resilient communities start with with informed parents


National Families Week is a good time to talk about the importance of resilience and just how early these crucial building blocks for life actually start.  Resilience starts with babies and families with benefits flowing through to adolescence, sports teams, workplaces and communities. So how does a resilient life start?

A baby or toddler’s experiences can include; “I can feel upset, I am not alone, someone is here for me, I am worthwhile, I will try again.” These experiences will impact upon relationships throughout their life. Those thoughts will play out time and time again at school, at work, in sport and in the community.

While at Tweddle parents learn to install the foundations for a resilient life. An empowered and informed parent will learn “things haven’t gone to plan today and that’s ok, I feel supported and confident to ask for help, I am a good enough parent and feel positive for the future. I can help my baby feel secure” Optimistic though processes also come in handy in the workplace.

How does a baby picking up a block become a positive, engaged member of the workforce? Through attuned parenting, a parent playing with a child can demonstrate to their baby or toddler that ; Things don’t always go to plan but the blocks can be knocked down, I can feel sad, or angry, I can calm down and understand it can be built again.”

Play allows children time to problem solve, explore and develop a sense of their own efficacy, this cannot be underestimated in the development of resilience. A parent playing with a baby or toddler helps them to develop confidence and their place in the world.

Play helps to develop lifelong problem solving skills which come in handy when ‘things’ don’t go to plan. A child’s sense of “hey, I can solve this, I believe in myself’ is embedded early in life by engaged parents.

Recognising a baby or toddler’s emotions e.g. feeling angry or worried and encouraging them to share how they are feeling teaches them how to regulate their emotions by breathing and calming down, this is a valuable part of developing resilience. As adults, being able to calm down under pressure at work, playing sport or with a partner is vital.

A baby or toddler’s ability to recognise the feelings of others and develop empathy is an important skill to help develop. By modelling empathy by drawing a child’s attention to another child’s non verbal communication, they can learn to read body language and facial cues –  another critical lifelong skill.

Tweddle’s programs give parents, babies and toddlers, a sense that they are not alone and have strong connections to draw upon especially when needed, both within the family and in the community. Group parenting play and music session help parents and children to identify their strengths which is important to feeling a sense of being capable, able to deal with situations and have purpose.

Promoting social and emotional wellbeing and resilience cannot be taken for granted. Tweddle plays a vital role in providing parents and children with a toolkit of skills and the opportunity to practice them in our programs.

Tweddle’s Inaugural Business Breakfast featuring Bulldogs President Peter Gordon will explore resilience, winning teams and the brain development that underpins it all. Join us on Wednesday 14th May at Moonee Valley Racecourse.

‘Babies, Business & The Bottom Line’ Tweddle’s Inaugural Business Breakfast – Wednesday 14th June 

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