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Residential Dads Work it Out

Residential Dads Work it Out


Tweddle is introducing a free Wednesday night on-site group for dads with a family attending a Tweddle residential program. The group is a chance for dads to share a bite to eat and to talk about parenting, relationships and health.

The group also aims to encourage dads to participate in the residential program, get to know other dads, share experiences in a relaxed setting and talk about work/life balance. All dads are encouraged to attend and this includes dads who are unable to stay overnight as part of their family’s residential program.

The program includes a 30 minute workout with a personal trainer, 1 hour of group discussion and a free meal/refreshments.

For more information and to download the flyer visit the Working Out Parenting Dads Group page or call 03) 9689 1577

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