Tweddle Parental Leave

Parental Leave Care Program

Tweddle provides a Parental Leave Care Program which supports the transition back to work for mums and dads on parental leave. The Parental Leave Care Program occurs in three key stages.

Returning to work after parental leave can be challenging. New parents can be concerned about childcare arrangements, sleep and settling, breastfeeding and weaning. Adjusting to the workplace and any changes that may have taken place can create additional anxiety.

Tweddle’s Parental Leave Care Team can help with a smooth transition back to the workplace by easing concerns and reducing anxiety around the following;
  • Unsettled babies
  • Parenting uncertainty
  • Infant and toddler behaviour difficulties
  • Cues and attachment
  • Sleep and settling concerns
  • Breastfeeding, weaning and bottle feeding
  • Expressing at work
  • Exhaustion and wellbeing
  • Baby and toddler feeding problems
  • Sibling concerns
  • Childcare arrangements

Your Tweddle Parental Leave Care Program

Tweddle is currently developing Sleep and Settling training modules for Victoria’s Maternal and Child Health Workforce. Our Parental Leave Care Program consultation and resources are evidence informed and delivered by experienced Early Parenting Practitioners.

Three Step Parental Leave Transition Program

Transition to work Stage 1 (1 hour Zoom telehealth consultation)

You or your employee are planning to return to work. Tweddle will provide a one-hour Telehealth consultation to talk about new routines, childcare, sleep and settling arrangements and feeding, weaning or expressing at work. We will talk about your emotional wellbeing, relationships and how the transition may impact you, your baby and your family. Additional resources are provided and tailored to meet the needs of you, your baby, your family and your workplace.

Return to work Stage 2 (1 hour Zoom telehealth consultation)

You or your employee have returned to work and may need additional support with adjusting to night-time settles and feeds. Common questions at this time are around introducing solids, attachment, cues, childcare arrangements and managing fatigue. Discussions around managing the transition to the workplace, mental health and wellbeing and relationships are also prioritised at this consultation.

6 month follow up Stage 3 (1 hour Zoom telehealth consultation)

You or your employee will have now transitioned back to the workplace. A lot happens in the first 6 months of a child’s early development. This consultation provides the opportunity for you or your employee to talk about strategies around sleep and settling, getting a good understanding of new ages and stages of development, any childcare concerns and weaning or expressing in the workplace. Additional resources are emailed to support this stage of parenting.

Keeping In Touch

Feeling connected to the workplace while on parental leave, or keeping staff engaged is an important investment in ensuring a smooth return to work. Tweddle’s Parental Leave Care Program offers the necessary parenting skills, tools and confidence that can encourage employees to come back to work sooner and continue providing important value to your business or organisation.

The Benefits :

  • Parents experience improved sleep, improved skills and confidence and reduced stress around returning to work
  • Employers reduce turnover, improve employee well-being and strengthen connection to the workplace
  • Babies and their siblings have parents informed and empowered about the importance of attachment, cues, mental health, sleep and developmental ages and stages.

Cost :

The three stage Parental Leave Care Program offers 3 one hour consultations, follow up questions, emailed resources and access to Tweddle’s suite of Sleep and Settling fact sheets. The cost is $390 per employee.

Enquiries :

Call us during business hours on (03) 9689 1577 to talk about how the Tweddle Parental Leave Care Program team can support your family. You can also email Manager Community Programs


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