Tweddle believes that early parenting education is a vital component of supporting parents to raise their young children. Our one-on-one or group parenting sessions encourage open, supportive and honest discussions relevant to mums and dads in the custodial system. We help parents identify and develop their parenting strengths and practical ways to enhance parent-child relationships.

Tweddle has been providing early parenting programs for expectant parents, mothers and fathers, while in correctional prisons in Victoria since 2000. Our work provides prisoners with an opportunity to talk about parenting concerns with a specialised parenting professional who can offer individual, effective parenting education and strategies appropriate for the situation and developmental age and stage of the child. We are able to meet with the parent and child together, assess the mental health of parent and child and assess their individual needs.

Many prisoners have been separated from their child for an extended period of time. Tweddle can provide an opportunity to talk about prisoners release and ways to reunite with their child. We offer role modelled and real time examples of physical / verbal interaction to promote attachment between parents and their children and can collect data on prisoner/child progress to develop ongoing program modifications.

  • Dame Phyllis Frost Centre For Women (DPFC)
  • Melbourne Assessment Prison for Men (MAP)
  • Port Phillip Correctional Centre
  • Tarrengower Prison

For further information on these service please contact Le Ann williams on (03) 8387 0649.

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