MyTime Groups for Parents & Carers

MyTime will take a break from our last group at Point Cook on the 2nd December and return at the beginning of school term in 2021 from Monday 8th February.

December workshop

We have an upcoming workshop with Association for Children with Disability (ACD) presenting via Zoom. They run for approx 1 hour.  They are open to all MyTime members and a chance to non-members to make contact.

Thursday 3 December at 10 am  

Steps to Success – Support for Families 

Phone Kim Mace on (03) 9689 1577 for more information or email her here.

MyTime has been delivered over Zoom during most of 2020. We hope to be meeting families again face-to-face in 2021. We will make an announcement about that in January in line with Health department recommendations.

Week 1
  • Avondale Heights 10am Monday
  • Maidstone 10am   Tuesday
  • Point Cook 10am  Wednesday
Week 2
  • Tarneit 10am  Monday
  • Manor Lakes/Wyndham Vale  10am Tuesday
  • Newport 10am –   Friday

MyTime provides support for mothers, fathers, grandparents and anyone caring for a child aged 0-18 with a disability or chronic medical condition. MyTime provides a place to socialise, to discuss, to get information, and to support and be supported by other carers.

Facilitators work with group members, helping them get to know each other and learn more about the services and supports in their area. Members choose what they would like to discuss in their groups, with help from the facilitator. Depending on what the group wants to do, the facilitator might guide group activities or provide resources.

Facilitators are workers from local organisations. They have qualifications and experience in disability, parenting or family support and bring to the MyTime group a good understanding of local resources and support services.

Play helpers keep children, including under school aged siblings, busy and active in activities such as singing, drawing, playing with toys, blocks or sand so members can spend time catching up with one another. Play helpers have skills in leading children’s play activities. However, they may not be qualified child care workers.

Visit the Parenting Research Centre MyTime website for more resources, information and locations.

New Location in Avondale Heights & Tarneit

Tweddle is delighted to announce a move to the Avondale Heights Rhonda Davis Centre and a new MyTime group at the Tarneit Community Learning Centre.

Download the MyTime-Locations-2020 Flyer.

Times and Locations

MyTime’s groups align with regular school term dates. We are welcoming new families to MyTime. If you would like to experience the support, friendship and respite that comes with connecting with others who have a child with a disability, developmental delay or chronic medical condition, give LeAnn Williams a call on (03) 8387 0649

  • Avondale Heights 10am to midday every Monday
  • Tarneit 10am to midday every Monday
  • Maidstone 10am to Midday every Tuesday
  • Wyndham Vale 10am to midday every Tuesday
  • Point Cook 10am to midday every Wednesday
  • Newport 10am –  midday every Friday


  • Tarneit Tarneit Community Learning Centre 150 Sunset Views BLVD, Tarneit
  • Avondale Heights 54 Lake Street, Avondale Heights
  • Wyndham Vale Manor Lakes College – 2-50 Minindee Road Wyndham Vale
  • Maidstone  Maidstone Child and Family Centre – Corner of Burns and Sonley Streets Maidstone
  • Point Cook Featherbrook Community Centre 33-35 Windorah Dve Point Cook
  • Newport Newport Gardens Early Years Centre – 51 Maddox Street Newport
MyTime is funded by the Department of Social Services and coordinated by The Parenting Research Centre.
Important partnerships with Manor Lakes College and Moonee Valley City Council underpin our groups in Avondale Heights and Wyndhamvale. Parents become a great support for each other and continue the support outside of the MyTime framework, by staying in touch on social media and having play dates.

Discussion topics cover behaviour management and  strategies around dealing with the challenges of public displays of frustration, schooling options and the enrolment criteria, success in toilet timing, eating new foods and when a child uses PECS to communicate.

The MyTime groups provide a relaxed environment to make friends and to explore and discuss helpful resources over a cup of tea or coffee while your child plays with the support of a play helper.

We invite families to drop in for a chat and meet the MyTime team in your area. If you’d like the support and understanding of others facing the same challenges and to know more about MyTime call the MyTime Coordinator on 8387 0649 or

New Resources for parents of children with a disability or develomental delay.

There are many different areas of developmental delay.  It’s the term used when a child is slower to reach milestones than other children.  Delay may occur in the way a child moves, communicates, thinks and learns or behaves with others.

Here’s a Raising Children Network link that covers the identification of developmental delay and a booklet called ‘Through the Maze’ an overview of services and support for parents of children with a disability from the Association for Children with a Disability.   Call your GP or Maternal and Child Health Nurse if you would like to discuss this further. Here’s a booklet (PDF) from the Royal Children’s Hospital ‘Developmental Delay’ An information guide for parents

MyTime – A time for You.

My Time is a service providing an opportunity to unwind and connect for mums, dads, grand parents and anyone caring for a child from birth to any school age with a disability or chronic medical condition.  Parents can socialise and share ideas with others who understand the rewards and intensity of the caring role.

The peer group brings together parents and carers with similar circumstances, to make time for themselves, have fun and to share their personal experiences. Find out about available community support, gain knowledge and information on parenting skills, while children play, supported by a play helper.  Have a hot cup of tea or coffee and take some time out for yourself.

Sessions are reassuring for parents/ carers, who often express sincere relief. Uplifted discussion and interest extends beyond time with an eagerness to meet again in the future.

MyTime@ Tweddle groups are held in six western locations. Helpful resources are available from the MyTime website MyTime @Tweddle website and Association for Children with a disability website including ‘Helping You and Your Family’, ‘Through the maze’ and ‘Growing together’.

For more information about MyTime@Tweddle call LeAnn Williams on (03) 8387 0649

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