In any one week Tweddle help hundreds of families across the State.

Tweddle is a public hospital with a priority on prevention and early intervention support services.  We are working upstream so that babies and toddlers get a better start in life.

Tweddle recognise that all parents experience some form of vulnerability at some stage, whether it be from chronic exhaustion, sleep deprivation, adjusting to the new role of parenting and the impacts on relationships or a distressed and unsettled baby.

At the other end of the spectrum, Tweddle also support families experiencing mental health challenges, family violence and drug and alcohol misuse.

At the foundation of Tweddles work with families is the concept of attachment, which refers to the emotional relationships we have with other people. Our goal is to foster resilience in families and alter the trajectory of their lives.

Tweddle’s programs are evidence based. Mums and Dads undergo a series of pre and post assessments that measure parenting confidence and mental health. Tweddle clinicians participate in ongoing training to support the clinical assessment of parents and babies (dyads). Education includes internationally recognised NCAST, Circle of Security and Family Partnership Training programs.

“Seeking help for baby sleep and settling is usually the first reason parents contact Tweddle. Historically known as a Sleep School, Tweddle has evolved to offer a more gentle, holistic service including education around attachment and infant mental health. While we require a referral to care for your family, we’re happy to chat with you about our programs and even offer tours and information sessions if you are still unsure. We understand how exhaustion can impact parenting, relationships and mental health. Call us if you have any questions”

Tweddle parenting programs
Statewide Services

Tweddle offer support to thousands of parents of babies and toddlers needing help. Programs include Residential Programs and Parenting Assessment & Skills Development, Community Day Stay programs, In Home Support, Telephone Consultations, Prison program, Childbirth Education and MyTime, Peer support groups for parents of children with additional needs.

Community Programs

Tweddle offers Day Stay community-based support in seven Victorian locations; Footscray and Geelong, Bacchus Marsh in partnership with Djerriwarrh Health Service, Kings Park in partnership with Brimbank City Council, Terang in partnership with Terang and Mortlake Health Service, in Wyndham, and Hindmarsh in partnership with West Wimmera Health Service. Tweddle also offer a private, fee for service Day Stay program.

Tweddle parenting programs
Referrals to Tweddle

Tweddle accepts either self-referrals or referrals from a health professional. This can be your GP, MCH nurse or another professional that is looking after the health of your family.

You can help Tweddle families by sponsoring a program, becoming a Friend of Tweddle or by making a donation.

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