One Hundred Dads Social Impact Project kicks off

One Hundred Dads Social Impact Project kicks off


In 2016/17 fifty-nine dads from 17 suburbs across Melbourne’s West took part in a new after hours parenting program called ‘Working Out Dads’ developed by men’s group-work academic Andrew King and Tweddle.

‘Working Out Dads’ is a therapeutic after hours program for dads of 0-4 aged children. The program combines one hour of facilitated discussion and a 30 minute workout for ten dads over six weeks. The program includes pre and post mental health and parenting confidence evaluation, hand-outs, weekly txt messages, online resources, confidentiality and friendship.

‘Working Out Dads’ takes a preventative approach to men’s health, isolation, relationships and parenting confidence. The Working Out Dads pilot was associated with decreased depressive, anxiety and stress symptoms, increased parenting confidence and strengthened parenting behaviour and couple/family relationships.

Tweddle has a goal to raise $100,000 to enable  one hundred dads to participate in ten, 6 week Working Out Dads programs. We are seeking one hundred businesses/individuals to donate $1,000 (or smaller amounts) to help us reach our goal by June 2018.

Tweddle will launch ten Working Out Dads programs for one hundred dads in the six western municipalities of Maribyrnong, Wyndham, Brimbank, Moonee Valley, Melton and Hobsons Bay.

The first year after having a baby is a period when some fathers are at risk of isolation and psychological challenges. Fathering research conducted at Tweddle in 2012 by the Parenting Research Centre showed the majority of fathers admitted to a residential program had mental health symptoms, and one in five men were experiencing clinically significant levels of distress.

Distressed fathers reported poorer physical health and limited opportunity to eat well, exercise regularly or have leisure time. Poor father-child relationships can negatively impact on a child’s mental health both in childhood and later during adolescence an into adulthood. (Morgan Z, Brugha T, Stewart-Brown 2012).

To become part of this social impact project to help strengthen dads and families in your community, email Tweddle’s Communications Manager or phone                   (03) 8387 0623. Donations are tax deductible. Donations will be refunded if  the $100,000 target is not met by July 2018. Visit the One Hundred Dads page for more information.


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