New Tweddle Research Partnership Opportunity to Build Evidence

New Tweddle Research Partnership Opportunity to Build Evidence


As a state-wide specialist public hospital delivering early intervention and prevention programs for Victorian families, it is vital that Tweddle continue to strengthen its voice and build evidence supporting the first 1000 days, secure attachment and infant mental health.

Using a partnership model, Tweddle is seeking expressions of interest from tertiary institutions and/or research bodies in establishing a Centenary Professorial Research Chair position spanning a three to five-year period.

The Research Chair will develop a high level research strategy, lead practice based research, engage in thought leadership and strengthen links between Tweddle and leading academic experts to advance best practice in the delivery of critical services that promote babies, toddlers and their families.

Tweddle will celebrate its centenary in 2020, a significant milestone year in which to position Tweddle as a leader in providing services underpinned by research today and for the next 100 years.

Tweddle’s CEO Ms Jacquie O’Brien is looking forward to this newly created partnership building on Tweddle’s existing and expanding research capability, especially in researching/evaluating innovation.

“As we move into our Centenary, the time is right to build on our growing capacity as a learning and research organisation and to develop our reputation as a centre of excellence in the early parenting sector” she said.

“This is an important opportunity to develop a strong partnership with a university or research body to build capability in our workforce, to strengthen our workforce and to drive thought leadership in the early years sector”.

The proposed role aligns with Tweddle’s current Strategic Plan under the aim of “Our Sector Leadership”. This component of the Strategic Plan challenges Tweddle to work towards the development of outcome measures for short-term interventions involving babies and toddlers.

Ms O’Brien highlighted that the Research Chair will strengthen links between Tweddle, the Early Parenting Sector and academia by undertaking practice based research that reinforces the importance of the work that we engage in with babies, toddlers and their families every day.

“Tweddle is positioned within an environment where there is a deficit of Australian based research in the Early Parenting Sector and even less research that is focused on short term interventions that mirror the programs we provide”

The Research Chair will embed an approach to knowledge transfer to foster innovation. This will enable research to support evidence-informed decision making and ultimately improved outcomes for babies, toddlers and their families.

Interested parties can contact Tweddle on tel 03) 8387 0607 for an EOI information package.

Tweddle CEO Jacquie O'Brien
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