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New Training, Conference and Events Calendar launches for Child and Family Health Sector Workers

New Training, Conference and Events Calendar launches for Child and Family Health Sector Workers


A new  education, training, conference and events calendar for health professionals is now available on the Tweddle website. The calendar will allow health professionals to plan and reserve training opportunities in advance.

Tweddle was Victoria’s first School of Mothercraft Nursing, commencing in 1920. As a public hospital, Tweddle specialise in infant mental health, attachment, trauma informed care, family partnership, sleep and settling and early parenting.

Tweddle offers the latest evidence based education to support the careers of health professionals working in the Child and Family Health sector.

This includes GPs, Early Childhood Professionals, Early Parenting Professionals, Maternal and Child Health Nurses, Midwives, Family Support Workers, Child Protection Workers, Social Workers, Psychologists, Midwives and Registered Nurses.

Tweddle’s innovative training programs are delivered by qualified educators with extensive knowledge and experience. Tweddle can tailor Professional Development packages for staff. These training packages can be held at Tweddle in Footscray or offsite.

The calendar launches with Tweddle’s one day, evidence based Keys To Caregiving training on Monday the 18th of February. Keys to Caregiving is a video based learning program from NCAST University of Washington.

The program builds competence and confidence in practitioners and parents in the care of infants, increases knowledge of infants’ abilities and identifies strengths and challenges in parents’/caregivers abilities.

The training will be facilitated by Beverley Allen using DVDs, research based information and handouts from NCAST. Beverley has a background in Maternal & Child Health Nursing, Midwifery and Family Therapy and is a qualified educator with extensive knowledge working with families and their children 0-18 years.

The training increases both provider and caregiver’s knowledge of the infant’s amazing abilities, builds confidence and competence in parent/caregiver’s care of their infants and  assists providers in effectively sharing this knowledge with parents.

Feedback from previous NCAST/Tweddle training participants includes:

“I am a Midwife and Maternal and Child Health Nurse and I thought I had a good knowledge of baby and child cues. However, I have learnt so much more about subtle cues and understanding infant behaviour. I would recommend this course for all professionals working with families and children”

“Thank you for a great day, I have so much more confidence in working with parents with young children. I can’t wait to get out there and share what I have learnt”

“I think all parents should learn about how amazing their baby is and how they communicate from the moment they enter the world. This day has helped me to understand the importance of watching babies and toddlers and helping parents to know how to respond to them”

Health Professionals are invited to sign up to Tweddle’s Health Professional database who will be contacted when new conferences, workshops and training days are announced.

The new Health Professionals Training Calendar can be seen here 

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