Tweddle World Mental Health Day

New Board appointments for Tweddle

New Board appointments for Tweddle


Tweddle CEO Ms Jacquie O’Brien is thrilled to announce a new Tweddle Board. Reappointed members include Dr. Nicole Milburn as Chair, Ms Heather Johnson Way as Deputy Chair and Ms Melanie Telford as Treasurer. New non-executive members are Ms Carla De Campo and Ms Paula Robinson.

Tweddle would like to thank Mr Bryce Prosser, Interim Chair, Ms Doris Whitmore, Interim Treasurer and Ms Jordana Hunter (Interim Deputy Chair) for their governance and dedication throughout the interim period.

Tweddle’s new Chair Dr Nicole Milburn is a Clinical Psychologist, member of the Australian College of Clinical Psychologist and a specialist in infant mental health. Nicole regularly presents papers at both national and international Infant Mental Health conferences, including the recent World Association of Infant Mental Health Congress in Cape Town, April 2012. She has been instrumental in setting up the Introductory Certificate in Infant Mental Health of High Risk Infants, a four day training in collaboration with the Royal Children’s and Austin Hospitals.

During Nicole’s decade on the Board of Tweddle she has overseen a change in the organisation’s framework from a direct behavioural parenting service to one that prioritises the infant-parent relationship, strengthened attachment and the amelioration of toxic stress and trauma on infants and toddlers.

We look forward to working with our new Board.

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