Tweddle World Mental Health Day

Mum Returns to Tweddle After 17 Years

Mum Returns to Tweddle After 17 Years


Mary O’Brien came to Tweddle 17 years ago struggling with a distressed baby, feeding issues and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty in her role as a new mum. This week she returned to the residential unit in her role as a Youth Support Worker caring for a teenage mother and her baby.

“I remeber it being hard work” Mary said of her time as a residential mum at Tweddle. “I met another mum at the time who I am still friends with, and our sons are friends which is lovely” she said.

Mary went on to complete studies in Childcare and Youth Support Work and says her time at Tweddle has given her insights into the challenges faced by many of her clients, especially teenage mums and dads and their vulnerable babies.

Kerrie Gottliebsen, Tweddle Communications Manager, said that many friendships are made at Tweddle.

“Tweddle’s programs connect families to each other which can be especially helpful through times of adversity. These relationships help create resilience and important support networks. In Mary and her son’s case, for another 17 years.”

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