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Helping Parents At Home To Overcome Challenges

Helping Parents At Home To Overcome Challenges


Family and Health Nurse Cat Fisher has been announced as Tweddle’s In Home Services Coordinator. The new role manages Tweddle’s HoPES Program and well as the In Home funded and fee for service program. With significant national and international experience, Cat brings valuable insight and commitment to supporting diverse and vulnerable communities. Cat has a BA (Hons) Specialist Community Public Health Nursing and shares a passion for working with migrant and refugee communities.

Cat, who has been at Tweddle for twelve months, looks forward to the newly created position “It doesn’t matter where you come from in the world, your cultural background or your family history, all parents are hard wired to want the best for their children” she said. “For some parents though this is a difficult time due to anxieties and other challenges. The In Home team’s role is to support parents to be the best parents they can be.”

Cat manages a team of five dedicated health professionals.  The In Home program team share a goal of supporting parents through difficult times, helping reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with adjusting to parenting and helping parents understand their baby or and toddler’s needs.

Tweddle’s In Home team provide telephone or in home consultations. Tweddle’s HoPES program is a pilot program that sees extremely vulnerable families cared for in their own homes over an 8 week period. The families are referred from the Department of Health and Human Services with a priority on family preservation and reunification.

More information about Tweddle’s In Home program can be found here.

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