Everyday Moments Building Love at Tweddle

Everyday Moments Building Love at Tweddle


Strengthening relationships and attachment with babies and toddlers, both at home and at Tweddle, is done through the magic of everyday moments. It is during times of loving togetherness that babies and toddlers develop self-confidence, curiosity, social skills, self-control and communication skills.

Simple activities like singing, reading, playing – even feeding and grocery shopping provide the opportunity for parents and carers to create meaningful moments and special bonding time. These back-and-forth interactions, also called serve-and-return, help build a child’s brain and lay the foundation for future mental health and relationships.

For many mums and dads however, this poses a challenge. If a baby experiences a parent who is chronically exhausted, is suffering ongoing anxiety or depression, is persistently stressed or who finds that being a parent triggers unresolved trauma, then building these everyday moments can be a real struggle without appropriate, qualified support.

Tweddle’s Circle of Security sessions, singing and music groups, creativity, reading and play spaces allow parents to see their children in a different light and experience parenting from a different perspective.

Tweddle clinicians Julie and Eleanor recently delivered a music and singing group which included an Auslan facilitator for hearing impaired families. The experience brought joy to everyone.

Tweddle’s recent Children’s Week Event, ‘Tuning in to Baby Cues’ saw babies and toddlers delight in their parents’ participation.

Some may still equate Tweddle with sleep, however it is the building of everyday moments and the strengthening of relationships during an infant or toddler’s waking hours while at Tweddle that are the backbone of a residential stay.

Tweddle play and music group
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