Trust Timely Teach Together

Tweddle programs are underpinned by the four Ts. We help to build Trust between babies, toddlers and their parents and between families and staff. This is done is a Timely manner.

The earliest experiences shape a baby’s brain and have lifelong impacts. By the age of 3, a baby’s brain has reached almost 90 percent of its adult size. The growth in each region of the brain largely depends on receiving stimulation, the foundation for learning and life outcomes.

Tweddle’s programs offer a range of options for families to access support quickly. Teaching families how to care for their children is the focus of the work of our clinical staff. The best learning happens in nurturing relationships. Secure attachment relationships emerge over time and develop through everyday interactions like play, singing, talking and touching.

We must do this Together with dedicated staff, families, universal services, community support organisation and with funding from the State Government, donations and philanthropic grants.

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