Early Parenting Centre Support

Early Parenting Support for Parents of Babies, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers

As a statewide Early Parenting Centre (EPC) and specialist public hospital, Tweddle helps parents and carers in the challenging early months and years of parenting so that families can thrive. Established in 1920, Tweddle has been supporting mums, dads and their babies and toddlers for generations.

Tweddle Clinicians support families with a range of issues. These include:
  • Baby and toddler sleep and settling
  • Bonding and attachment
  • Feeding and introducing solids
  • Irritability and fussy babies
  • Parenting exhaustion
  • Mental health support
  • Adjusting to parenting
  • Routines and returning to the workforce
Tweddle’s caring, multidisciplinary team are made up of qualified and caring specialists, which includes:
  • Nurses with qualifications in Midwifery, Mental Health and Counselling
  • Lactation consultants
  • Maternal and Child Health Nurses
  • Mothercraft Nurses
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Early Childhood Professionals
  • Early Parenting Practitioners
Early Parenting Centres – Footscray and Wyndham EPC locations

Tweddle’s Maribyrnong Early Parenting Centre is located in Sydney Street Footscray, over the road from the original Tweddle Baby Hospital on the corner of Gordon Street and Barkly Street, opposite Whitten Oval. We will soon be opening our second Wyndham EPC located at 239-245 Princes Highway Werribee. Keep in touch with us via our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) for announcements regarding launch dates.

More information about Tweddle’s Wyndham EPC.

Tweddle’s vision and foundations

Tweddle’s vision is secure babies, strong families and safe communities, nurturing baby/caregiver relationships through strengthening relationships and building the foundations for resilient families and communities. The foundations of Tweddle’s programs and services are based on infant mental health, secure attachment and building resilience. Tweddle provides over fifteen different early parenting programs supporting over 4,000 mums, dads, babies and toddlers every year.

If you have any questions about Tweddle’s programs, call us during business hours on (03) 9689 1577.

Careers at Tweddle

If you are interested in a career at Tweddle visit our Careers Page.

Tweddle is a state-wide Early Parenting Centre supporting you and your family with sleep and settling, health and well-being, behaviour, attachment and other challenges relating to your baby, toddler or preschooler.

You can self refer to Tweddle or speak with your GP, Maternal and Child Health Nurse or Family Services support worker who can also refer to Tweddle. Please contact Tweddle on (03) 9689 1577. Tweddle adheres to strict health protocols across programs. These include:

  • Asking questions regarding your current health status prior to your program
  • A commitment to respiratory hygiene and hand hygiene
Tweddle Programs and Services for babies, toddlers, parents & carers

Download the Tweddle Program Flyer here. Call us on (03) 9689 1577 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm  if you have any questions about our programs.

Tweddle has a commitment to honouring and celebrating diversity in all staff, volunteers, and families, including full participation in programs,
policy formulation and decision-making.

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Baby sleeping at Early Parenting Centre Tweddle

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