Parenting can be tough. Many parents in our community are facing the compounding impacts of social isolation, financial stress, exhaustion, disability, addiction, anxiety and depression.

It’s important to keep in touch with community networks like parent groups, play groups, your GP and your Maternal & Child Health Nurse.

At Tweddle, we’re gathering resources to help guide you through the challenging times. It’s important though to consult a health professional if you or your child are feeling unwell or you feel you aren’t coping as well as you’d like. Help is available. Tweddle provides affordable telephone consultations across Australia.

Keep in touch with us via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for information, research, resources and practical support tips.

The following Circle of Security  ‘Being-with and Shark Music’ video helps parents to explore how uncomfortable feelings left over from experiences from their own past can influence their current relationship with their child and the way they think and feel about parenting.

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