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Seminars for Grandparents Explore Changing Role

Posted by Kerrie Gottliebsen | 17/02/16

Being a grandparent today is a complex role. There are the pressures of minding grandchildren so that parents can return to work, looking after children over holidays, sleepovers, when illness occurs and in some instances, being the primary carer.  With childcare places at a premium, families are turning to Grandparents to fill the gap until placements become available which can be years.

Academic research underpinning parenting methods and early child development has changed dramatically.  Recent changes to parenting approaches include diet and nutrition, safe sleeping, breastfeeding, discipline, routines, car travel and communication. Grandparents are often left confused about their supporting role and in many cases this can lead to friction and confusion.

Increasingly Tweddle are talking with grandparents who would like guidelines as to how they can support their children and their grandchildren.  As our involvement in the Sons of the West Men’s Health Program illustrated, grandparents need ‘parenting’ education too.  

Tweddle’s ‘Grandparenting Matters’ program will provide informative Grand-parenting education sessions to grandfathers and grandmothers living across Melbourne’s West.  

Dates and Locations as follows ;

We thank the Rotary Club of Footscray for providing Grandparents in the Community with this great opportunity to get together and talk about grandparenting today.

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