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Men signing up for better health

Posted by Kerrie Gottliebsen | 16/03/15

As an organisation committed to the mental health of dads, Tweddle knows that changing the course of a man’s health is no mean feat.  When men look after their health and wellbeing, their physical and mental health outcomes improve, their children’s outcomes improve and families and communities benefit. 

So when hundreds of men from the Maribyrnong, Hobson’s Bay, Wyndham, Melton and Brimbank municipalities turned up en masse  at various health expos held in March to sign up for the 2015 Sons of the West Men’s Health Program, there was a great feeling in the air.

Using the motivating social media hashtag #gameoflife and partnering with Australia’s leading healthcare services and organisations, Sons of the West looks like it will smash its 2014 participation in 2015.  It is exciting to think the numbers of men involved will only grow from now until the program kicks off in late March.

Over the weekend, Tweddle and a host of other partners provided information tables and chatted with men about what they wanted to achieve in the program. Themes such as eating right, getting active, family and community, being a dad/father figure or grandparent, mental health and responsible gambling resonated with men who discussed goals with program partners.

Men who have signed up to the program receive  a passport which is stamped at each information session attended, with a view to completing the whole program in July 2015 and joining the esteemed graduates from the 2014 Sons of the West Program.

As a proud partner and men’s health advocate, Tweddle will be talking with men about being a dad, a father figure and a grandparent and how that has changed over the years.  We’ll be talking about the importance of being a good role model, connecting with kids, attachment and practical tips. It’s not too late to sign up to the Sons of the West Men’s Health Program and to get in the #gameoflife.    


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