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Exciting Changes and Opportunities at Tweddle

Posted by Kerrie Gottliebsen | 26/03/15

After 95 years of providing child and parenting programs and services to the Victorian community,  Tweddle is pleased to announce that from April our Residential Parenting Program is being scaled up from a 4 day program to a 5 day program. This will be a relief for families that are struggling to cope and requiring the support of our multidisciplinary team. 

“Being able to spend more time with families will ultimately support their return to day to day life at home and strengthen their family relationships.  Providing group work will also allow parents to improve communication with their child and understand what their child is really asking of them” said Penny Lyne Tweddle Nurse Unit Manager. “Often parents feel confused. There is so much information out there. At Tweddle, we can help parents discover what works for their family.”

In addition to Tweddle’s fee based In-Home Service, Tweddle will now be able to deliver follow up home visits to Residential families needing additional care.  Tweddle CEO Jacquie O’Brien is excited about this new family service. “Some families, especially our more vulnerable families, leave Tweddle needing additional supports and we know that new parenting skills learnt in the home work more effectively for some. Families can also access our low cost Psychology service as an outpatient and continue to see the Psychologist that supported them while at Tweddle.”

In addition to our new program structure, Tweddle look forward to announcing their new Director of Clinical Services/Nursing who will be joining our new Nurse Unit Manager Penny Lyne. Penny brings a wealth of experience and expertise from across the Bass Strait where she has worked for over thirty years for Tasmania’s Health and Human Services in various clinical and managerial roles.

We are also trialling a new initiative aimed to better support each family’s access to Tweddle’s services. The Duty Worker role will provide frontline response and triage to all incoming referrals and facilitate client pathways within Tweddle and the community. We look forward to measuring the outcomes of this pilot.

We are currently looking for new team members to join us at Tweddle. The Parenting Assessment and Skills Development Service (PASDS) Care Coordinator is a senior operational/clinical position at Tweddle. The role is a member of the leadership group at Tweddle and supports the Executive with operational and strategic advice as required.

We are also recruiting for a Tweddle Operations Coordinator. The 0.8 part time role is responsible for the efficient and effective coordination of facilities management, assigned contracts, programs and services (including information technology). Please visit our Employment Opportunities page for more information.

After Easter we will be announcing Tweddle’s new Director of Clinical Services/ Nursing and a number of new fundraising initiatives.  Follow Tweddle on Facebook and Twitter and keep in touch with daily news, research, tips, resources and connect with other parents.

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